Out-of-School Registration

All registration for TAKS out-of-school examinees is online only.

This form is to be completed by out-of-school examinees registering for the October 2014 TAKS exit level tests. Preregistrations are accepted from August 4, 2014, to September 5, 2014. If you do not register by September 5, 2014, you must register AT THE CAMPUS ON THE DAY OF THE TEST.

This out-of-school registration form is to be completed by CAMPUS PERSONNEL only for unregistered examinees before or during the testing week. This form will be open for campuses October 13–24.

Unregistered examinees should contact the campus before the day of testing to ensure that they can be accommodated.

The TAKS exit level tests will be administered on October 20, 2014 (English language arts); October 21, 2014 (mathematics); October 22, 2014 (science); and October 23, 2014 (social studies). TAKS tests for former TAAS (including TEAMS) examinees will be October 20, 2014 (English language arts writing); October 21, 2014 (mathematics); and October 22, 2014 (English language arts reading).

A list of participating campuses can be found here.

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Out-of-School Registration
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