Test administrator training modules

As part of the TEA’s ongoing efforts to improve security measures in the state’s testing program and to help ensure that test results are meaningful and valid, the Student Assessment Division has developed web-based training modules for test administrators. This online training, which currently consists of the three modules below, is optional but strongly recommended. It is designed to supplement the mandatory training required of all personnel involved in testing.

Module 1: Active Monitoring Module 2: Distribution of Test Materials Module 3: Proper Handling of Secure Materials

STAAR Assessment Management System Webinar Training

Training webinars can include prerecorded presentations, FAQs, and more.

2018 Webinars
Webinar Trainings for STAAR Administration Activities and Interim Assessments

A series of upcoming webinar training opportunities for STAAR administration activities and interim assessments will be offered in January. Due to space limitations, district testing coordinators and technology coordinators who want to participate must register to attend these trainings. Space is limited to the first 500 registrants for each training session. Registrants will receive an email frommessenger@webex.com. Use the WebEx link provided in the email to log in to the webinar on the day of the training.

STAAR Precodes and Test Materials

This webinar training will provide an overview of the student registration process, precode and test materials orders, and OOD and OOS registration.

STAAR Post Administration Activities

This webinar training will provide an overview of scoring and reporting and a review of post administration activities, including resolutions, test information changes, and score code corrections.

STAAR Assessment Management System Practice Site Overview

This webinar training is designed to introduce new and existing district testing coordinators to the new practice site for the STAAR Assessment Management System. The practice site is designed to mimic the Assessment Management System, allowing a broad audience to become familiar with system navigation and engage with system functionality in a practice setting. The practice site is scheduled to be launched in early January 2018. Additional information regarding account set up and login will be provided at a later date.

Interim Assessments

The webinar training is designed to introduce district and ESC testing coordinators to the Interim Assessment System for the optional spring 2018 Interim assessments.

Student Assessment Training Resources

Access training materials provided by Student Assessment staff through TETNs and PowerPoint presentations.

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